UK County Maps and Editable Outline GB Postcode Maps, UK Road Network Maps and Postcode Area, District & Sector maps.

Choose Maps From the Green Buttons Above

Select the map you want to customise using the green buttons above. Our Online Map Customisation Tools works using SVG which is compatible with all modern desktop web browsers as well as iPhones, Android phone, Tablets and other mobile devices. It will work in most versions of Internet Explorer but works best in Google Chrome or Safari. You can Try the system completely free of charge to see if it works the way you want it to with only the save map and file manager features disabled until you purchase an unlock to use the full map colouring system.

Adding Map Markers

You can easily place Map Markers (or speech bubbles) on a postcode or county map that contain any text you like. Text and marker size can be changed to suit the level of zoom you have the map set to. For more accurate positioning of the map marker you can add a tail or point to your marker box, the distance from the marker rectangle can be set along with whether the tail comes out the top or bottom of each marker. You can show all the markers or hide them all at once or add and delete marker flags as you need to. Markers can be added to older maps.

FREE UK Postcode Area Map

Customising the Map Labels

Not happy with the standard colours of the map, then you can change everything about your map. Set the colours of the Map Title Text, Map borders, Map Background, Map Title Background and the Textual components of the map such as city names and postcode letters etc. You can also change the colour of the actual postcode boundaries shown on the map itself.  On some of the maps available in this system it is also possible to show or hide elements from the map such as showing roads, rivers, town names, cities and much more(not available on all maps).

uk county map sample

Adding Concentric Circles

Ideal for specifying delivery zones, you can add delivery zones to the map using circles. Specify the number of circles you require and the rough distance between each circle and the thickness of the stroke used to draw the circle and set the circle centre on the map.  specify the zoom level of the map and change the text label and colour of each of the circles in the group. You can also specify the font size of the text on the circles so they can be viewed clearly when printed out. This feature works really with the map markers feature to create really informative maps.

uk road network map

Postcode Districts Level

On some of the more detailed maps, simple postcode area boundaries or county boundaries isn't enough.  Click the zoom in (+ magnifying glass icon) 3 times and the next level of detail on that particular map will be displayed. When using the map at its maximum level of zoom-out, you can colour it in by areas, then zoom in to pick out individual districts to colour. Sometimes on complicated maps with lots of zone names the Legend will overlap the south easternpart of the country, this can be avoided by using the Zoom Key In and Zoom Key Out buttons to enlarge or reduce the size of the legend.

a4 pdf location map

Map File Manager

Users of the system often create more than 1 map and one of the most requested features of the latest update was to have a system whereby a customer could view, download and edit any of their maps all from one place. This is where the map file manager was born.  You can see the time and date the map was created, its filename and a thumbnail of the map itself. The thumbnail is of the map when it was first saved. If you've edited it since then the thumbnail isn't updated(in this release at anyway). For older maps, a Thumbnail Missing icon may appear, this does not mean your map is gone, just that there is no thumbnail.

simple website map of reebok stadium

Colour Selection Palette

In a portrait map, your legend can contain upto 52 different zone names which can each be assigned a different colour. There are 52 different shades or colours to choose from which can be changed by clicking inside one of the coloured squares next to an item, zone name or object that has a coloured rectangle next to it. Default colours will always be given however if you want to make the map and colour scheme fit with your existing corporate branding this is an ideal way to achieve this.  Cross-hatch shading is currently in development and should be available in the next release of the system.

3d style caravan site map